Spare parts  

Over the last few years, thanks to its deep knowledge of shipbuilding and oil industries, PIEMME BROKER has also specialised in the supply of spare parts for companies that manage oil platforms, plants and shipyards. The company provides components for any kind of machinery, putting its skills at its clients’ disposal. This service is very useful in emergency situations when the products needed by the companies are not specifically related to their core activity.

For the supply of spare parts and for the maintenance of plants, PIEMME BROKER is the best solution because its wide range of national and international products can meet any need.

For any brand, any material, any field PIEMME BROKER is able to offer the original spare parts needed.

In the last few years PIEMME BROKER has opened a network in the American market through which the company can provide any kind of product “Made in Usa” at competitive prices. It also relies on a logistics department in Houston, thanks to which it is able to ensure the control of the provided materials and an adequate packaging for shipping, DANGEROUS materials included.